What is EthiMeta?

EthiMeta is a digital marketplace in the metaverse that serves as one-stop-shop connecting businesses that produce ethically sourced, culturally focused bags and other fashion accessories with customers who value unique, authentic and eco-sensitive products. The platform is designed to empower manufacturers and artisans dedicated to preserving and promoting their handmade products in the virtual environment before turning them into production.

What are we here for?

The lack of a dedicated platform hinders the growth and success of manufacturers of fashion products. It also threatens the profit margins of independent artisans who are passionate about preserving and promoting their custom-made products through their craft.
Moreover, it limits the available options for consumers, who value ethically sourced and culturally focused products, resulting in missed opportunities for customers and businesses alike.

EthiMeta Mission

The mission of EthiMeta is to streamline the shopping experience for both manufacturers and customers in the metaverse.

What makes EthiMeta unique?

The platform’s presence in the metaverse offers customers a cutting-edge and immersive shopping experience. EthiMeta’s virtual showrooms provide a unique and innovative way for customers to browse and purchase products, setting us apart from traditional marketplaces. EthiMeta’s focus on ethical sourcing guarantees that all featured products are ethically sourced, setting it apart from other marketplaces that may lack rigorous sourcing policies.