The Future of Luxury Fashion: Consumer Trends, Evolving Technologies & Key Players

The fashion industry is a powerful one. Sure, globally we all wear clothes, but more than that, it is a form of self-expression. Fashion has the power to make people feel a certain way. Daily stylistic choices can be used to elevate our mood, increase our confidence, and live a more authentic life. It therefore comes as no surprise that the market is one of the largest industries in the world, estimated to be worth more than $3 trillion by the end of the decade.

Metaverse in Fashion Market worth $107.13 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 32.22%

The “Metaverse in Fashion Market by Technology (Blockchain, Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)), Metaverse Platform (Desktop, Headsets, Mobile) – Global Forecast 2023-2030” report has been added to’s offering.

M, Jenn Lee & Acer Bring the Metaverse to Life and Champion Sustainability at London Fashion Week 2023

The 3D designs were central to Jenn Lee’s exhibition at Tab Centre in Shoreditch, London on September 17. Facilitated by Portal: M’s key partner and Taiwan’s leading garment manufacturer Makalot, the cross-industry collaboration underscores the major opportunities digitalization offers for making the fashion industry more sustainable and virtually engaging while encouraging designers to also think of themselves as digital content creators.

How To Create Digital Clothing For Metaverse

In the world of the metaverse, physical limitations no longer bind fashion enthusiasts. Digital clothing has gained significant popularity, as it allows users to dress up their avatars in unique and stylish garments. This emerging trend has opened up new opportunities for designers, fashion brands, and even individuals to explore the creative possibilities of virtual fashion.

Diesel Lands in Meta’s Avatars Store Via DressX

Self-described “metafashion retailer” DressX and Italian lifestyle and fashion brand Diesel are bringing jeans to the virtual people. In a new collaboration, the duo are channeling signature Diesel aesthetics and the fashion company’s latest styles for an exclusive collection landing in the Meta Avatars Store.

Genies unveils US $500,000 digital fashion fund to expand the world of metaverse

Genies, the unicorn Metaverse avatar tech, renowned for its NFT prowess, is set to make a significant stride in the fashion industry. With a remarkable US $1 billion valuation achieved in April 2022, Genies is unveiling its ambitious initiatives: a social network fueled by a robust US $500,000 digital fashion fund.

How the metaverse downturn is benefitting digital designers

Avatar company Genies is the latest to develop a dedicated programme to encourage people to experiment with digital fashion. Avatar company Genies, valued at $1 billion, has set aside $500,000 to incentivise creators to make digital fashion for its platform, making it the latest company to invest in fostering digital fashion talent.

How can the Metaverse change the world?

The concept of the metaverse is revolutionary and has the potential to transform the world as we know it. The use cases are endless and span across many different aspects of life, including healthcare, work, and shopping.

The Future of E-commerce: How the Global Metaverse is Transforming Online Shopping

In the context of e-commerce, the metaverse offers a new dimension to online shopping. Instead of browsing through a list of products on a website, consumers can now enter a virtual store, walk around, examine products as if they were physically there, and even try them on.