Our Product

EthiMeta will allow businesses to place a collection of bags and accessories that are ethically sourced and manufactured using sustainable materials and production methods. The platform will verify the products’ authenticity and the manufacturers’ ethical standards before listing them on the marketplace. Our platform will provide businesses with virtual showrooms to showcase their products in a visually appealing and immersive environment.

We are a company passionate about social consciousness and ethically sourced goods. We have three main operating areas:

  • First is the design of potentially ethically sourced, culturally focused handbags and fashion accessories to be brought directly to consumers through the latest AR/VR in the metaverse environment first before they put into production and only when consumer needs a product.
  • Second, we have digital marketing expertise algorithms incorporated into our App and committed to helping socially conscious companies grow in the new metaverse.
  • Third, we are an educational platform for companies interested in developing their brands to become more socially conscious and ethically sourced from end to end of the supply chain.

Our Values


We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and ensuring that all products sold on our marketplace meet high ethical and environmental standards.


We prioritize authenticity and work closely with our vendors to ensure that all products sold on our platform are genuine, high-quality, and truly reflect the values and traditions of their communities.


We are dedicated to fostering innovation and creativity, and constantly seek new ways to improve our platform and provide value to our customers and vendors.