For many conscious consumers, purchasing products made ethically and supporting transparent companies they believe in is essential. Ethically made means supporting the well-being of supply chain workers and their families with decent living wages, respecting human rights, and implementing socially responsible practices.

A business or organization can only offer ethically made products when it ensures proper working conditions in its supply chain, uses ethical production methods and puts the welfare of workers before profits.

EthiMeta will allow businesses to place a collection of bags and accessories that are ethically sourced and manufactured using sustainable materials and production methods. The platform will verify the products’ authenticity and the manufacturers’ ethical standards before listing them on the marketplace. Our platform will provide businesses with virtual showrooms to showcase their products in a visually appealing and immersive environment.

Placed in metaverse ecosystem, EthiMeta certification standards encourage brands, retailers, and manufacturers to implement policies and hold more responsibility toward the environment and supply chain workers. Certifications and quality marks are important to ensure that products are manufactured with responsible use of resources and the least possible impact on people, animals, and the environment. There are so many different certification standards out there that it can be difficult to tell which ones are relevant. Some verify the application of social regulations. Others only attest to environmental impacts. Our application will guide companies to align with the transnational standards of certifications that best support their social and ethical outcomes.